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Submitted update 2.1.0

April 24, 2013

I decided to increase the subversion number because there is a new feature.  I added the ability to play videos using an external video player.  You cannot define the external player within Simple TV Library.  You have to associate the extension with the video player you want to use to open it (basically, double-click the file from the desktop and whatever normally opens is the external app Simple TV Library will use).

This option is defaulted to off, but extensions that Simple TV Library does not support will automatically try to use an external app.  The common formats I know of so far are MKV and WTV.  If there are any others, let me know.

If you want to change the setting so that all videos are played with an external app, the option is located in the Settings charm under “Options”.  Easy.

There is also a minor bug fix.  On the internal video player page, I added code to prevent the screen from turning off.  This was an oversight on my part… now corrected.


Give it a couple days to go through submission, but it’s possible it will be ready to download by tomorrow.


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  1. Tiiml permalink

    Can you publish your app to other country? European store doesn’t allow the download of your app 😦

    • Which country? I know it is in the UK app store…

      Oh, I guess from your email, you mean France. Ok, I will check.

  2. Dave permalink

    Just started using this. It works quite well once I had determined the names of the video files need to include something of the form sXXeXX.

    My problem is how to get it to recognize some series:

    The newer series of Doctor Who: s01e01 brings up the original 1963 episodes, not the 2005 episodes. According to Wikipedia, the new Series starts after Season 26, so s27e01 should work, but it doesn’t.

    The recent BBC series “Atlantis” gets recorded as “Man From Atlantis”, something very different.

    Basically, how do I get Simple TV Library to select a different series if it guesses wrongly?

    • There should be a little gear icon on the actual poster for the show. If you click it, a flyout panel will spring into view showing other matches using the show name. You can even type your own search term.

      • Dave permalink

        Thanks for such a speedy reply.

        The gear Icon does appear, but when I tap it, the app disappears taking me back to the Start Screen.

        I’m testing it on a Dell Venue Pro 8 hooked up via a USB DisplayPort Dock to display on a monitor as well. This gives me touch and keyboard and mouse. Touch works, but not mouse. Clicking the gear icon with the mouse has no effect.

    • That’s strange behavior. It shouldn’t be doing that… I’m working on a new version (delayed now) and TheTVDb’s API hasn’t changed so it should be working still. I’ll test it at home tonight and see if I can reproduce what you’re seeing.

      FYI, you can go to and see exactly how all the shows are named and sorted using season number and episode number. Usually, shows like Dr Who that have multiple versions are sorted using a year in parentheses afterwards. However, the gear icon in my app _should_ have worked to select the show without having to rename your own folders. There’s a similar way to select the correct episode as well (click on the “i” inside the episode tile).

  3. Dave permalink

    Once again, thanks for such a speedy reply. You are providing better support than Microsoft/HP etc!

    I have had a chance to test my Tablet at home, and without the USB DisplayPort Dock (which was needed to get on the Internet at work), the gear Icon works as described. I have installed it on a PC at home and mouse/keyboard work properly as well. So I think it is related to the USB DisplayPort Dock.

    Somehow I missed the s01e01 requirement in one of the comments, I think it should be in the description.

    You kindly told me where to go to name the folders ( when the wrong series is picked up. Please can you add this to the description as well. With both bits of information front and centre, I would have had no problems.


    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to implement them in the new version I’m working on. MKV support for the new version (working with H264/AC3, not working with other formats yet). Thanks again!

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