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Version 2.0 in the store

March 13, 2013

Woah, that was fast. It took about 6 hours.

The sample graphics and description have NOT been updated on the store yet, but the app is there.


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  1. Ok, the graphics have now been updated. FYI, I am tempted to try putting an ARM version in the store. However, I have not been able to test it and don’t know how well it will run.

  2. Hey! Aboslutely LOVE the app, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Just one problem with the new version – when you go to select the episode from the “Select Episode” menu, it only shows the first 5 episodes of each season and won’t let you scroll to see more! It seems like the vertical scroll in this menu is not functioning.

    Any chance this’ll be fixed soon? Thanks!

    • ack, i actually knew about thay bug but forgot about it. Do the pull-down menus work still? If so, you can use those as an alternative for now. Not sure if they got fixed either. Anyways, I’ll correct that error asap

    • oh, and thanks!

  3. They let me choose the episode but there’s no option to “confirm” the selection so I don’t believe they do anything!

    • Yes, I checked myself. Another forgotten command. I just fixed it and I’m working on another bug before I submit tomorrow. So, if everything is good on Microsoft’s end, you should see an update tomorrow afternoon… or Monday if no one is working tomorrow.

  4. Ok, submitted a new version that should fix your issue. Give it some time to go through the certification process. I will post when it is available.

  5. Awesome thanks!!

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