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Simple TV Library v1.5.1 submitted

December 2, 2012

The last release had a few problems with the file name recognition (regex).  At least for one user’s problems, I know I fixed it.  We’ll see how this works for other people.  The problem with file names is that every source uses a different naming convention and you just have to write a regex expression for each one.  I’ve got a plan for the next release that will let custom regex be entered… but that’s the next release.  Tonight, I submitted v1.5.1 which has the following changes:

Changes for v1.5.1

  • Added Episode record selector (if the app fails to identify season/episode from filename)  {Can select from a season categorized list of episodes or just use the combobox selector for quicker selection)
  • Added Two-Rows setting for Series page – complete reworking of how it was done before.  Animations included
  • Fixed bug with multiple root folders…app was keeping only last declared root folder (doh!)
  • Reorganized app localfolder hierarchy
  • Added Regex for more file name types (S##E## – Filename.avi  <- season/episode info at the beginning of file)
  • Added logic to prevent app from recognizing non-video files as video files (this happened with nfo or txt files that had the same name as the avi)
  • Series page keeps position from last selected series, no longer starts from beginning every time you navigate away
  • Settings ViewModel created for easier addition of settings with bindings to UI

From → Windows Store

  1. Oh, the season drop-down selector is coming next…

  2. Ha! Found a last minute bug that would have sucked for a release. So I cancelled the pending one and fixed the bug. Before I resubmitted, I put the dirty season selector back in. It works fine. It’s just not styled correctly. Just resubmitted now…

  3. madlan permalink

    Hey, excellent app! For some reason it’s not picking up my files, do you have a regex entry for SHOWNAME SXXEXX.avi?

    • Unfortunately, that is one Regex entry that did not get put in…sort of. It works with any character but the period at the end… doh! So the Regex is not perfect.

      I’m working on submitting an update, but the certification people have been giving me problems and it keeps getting rejected. Strange. In any case, I’ll keep trying and it should be out in a week hopefully. (It tends to take that long these days unless you are high on the totem pole.)

      Thanks for the interest!

  4. madlan permalink

    the period before the file extension? I can’t do much about that! hehe. The app is exactly what I’ve been after for some time, very clean and just as fast as navigating the file system. Love it!

    I keep getting “Error with root folder” as my library is on a server that takes a few seconds to spin up the hard drive.

    What about excluding non video files? I have a few images and meta data files that show up.
    (EDIT: Just seen 1.5.1 updates is the current version on the store)

    Does it handle series folders? Here’s how I structure mine:

    —- Seasion X
    ——– SHOW NAME SxxExx.avi
    ——– SHOW NAME SxxExx.mp4
    ——– SHOW NAME SxxExx.mkv

    It seems to only show files from the first series folder?

    Rather than having a synopsis and settings button on each item, what about adding it to the pop up menu? (Allowing an item to be selected with right click, same as MS metro apps) You could also add the option to pin the show to the start menu.

    What about background file watching? With this you could implement some nice notification for new episodes not in the database on the live tile(s)

    Maybe an “Unseen Episodes” area\tile that lists all of the new (filter by aired date, no older than < 30 days?)

    Marking an episode as watched would be great, would tie in with the new show notification well 🙂

    • That spin-up problem is interesting. I’ll have to see if there are any “time-outs” for reading files in a Windows Store app.

      One of the other bugs I that should be gone in the next version is the picking up of non-video files.

      It shouldn’t matter that the directory structure is. The app will pull all the files together under the original folder and just sort based on file name. I’m restructuring the app right now and I’m thinking hard about getting rid of that list/synopsis view and replacing it with a tiled season-episode view that goes to a single episode view on a flipboard (so you can swipe to the next episode). Not sure yet. Maybe I’ll keep both for people who hate change.

      Unseen new episode… that’s an interesting idea. I was thinking about an episode guide view that shows everything (even if you don’t have the video). Maybe in combo with that I could do something.

      • madlan permalink

        Strangely it pops up the warning each time and then starts scanning.
        I’ll give 1.5.1 a spin when it’s available, sounds like the non video files are a non issue now.

        Hmm, is there a file limitation then? It seems to only show 12 files for each show?

        Sounds like there’s scope for both menu types? I guess it wouldn’t be too much work adding it to settings?

        I use a windows media center app for managing tv shows – This has a second entry point called new episodes that shows only recently added files. It’s excellent for casual use as I don’t have to go hunting for new episodes. Great for automated systems that record TV shows directly to the relevant folder, easy to get lost on where you are with a series if you don’t keep up to date etc.

        I think if there is a single series, it should show the episodes view. If there’s more than one then a selection screen (Large tile, same as show selection) as you say would be great.
        I think the primary use will be to view the latest episode of a show for most people, I guess its rare to skip back on a regular basis to watch past episodes.

        I just checked TheTVDB, they have series artwork in the right size\format for the above 😉

        If you need a beta tester you have my email!

      • The 12 episode limit is another bug caused by using an updated template for the app (i was previously using a pre-win8 release version). It has data virtualization in addition to the UI virtualization that I glossed over and didn’t test properly. It should be loading the rest of the episodes when you scroll then on to the screen but it’s obviously broken.

  5. madlan permalink

    Oh and where is the donate button!

    • People might grumble about this, but I was planning on (eventually) making two versions of this app. A free one with an ad or two here and there and a paid, ad-free app. Of course, I wasn’t going to do this until I got all the bugs worked out. But I appreciate the donate offer. 🙂

      • madlan permalink

        Great idea – It’s already the best app for the job in the store, I’m sure people would pay for ad free or extra features 🙂

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