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Version 1.5 is officially published

November 26, 2012

Version 1.5 is officially published!  I’m eager to read the feedback.


From → Windows Store

  1. Hey Lee! It took me a bit to find this site… you should consider filling out all the metadata for your app as well as providing a link in the Help section of the settings charm (or a dedicated link in the charm).

    I updated my review and mentioned I was having issues with Ghost Adventures. For some reason, the first time it tried to get episode info, the app crashed, and now it doesn’t seem to want to update the show. I can send you my file structure if you like.

    At any rate, it only found my season 4 files and won’t find the other seasons (6 and 7), even though the previous version found them fine.

    There are also a couple other issues:

    1. In the help, it says if an episode is missing info, you can click the gear to update it, but that doesn’t seem to exist (and if it did, it should be in the app bar)
    2. To follow Windows 8 UX guidelines, you should consider moving the buttons on top of each show to the appbar that gets shown on selection of a show. The play/resume buttons should be in the appbar on the episode screen and also be shown when an episode is selected.
    3. The PlayTo isn’t intuitive… you should add a button to the app bar when an episode is selected.
    4. Unless Play and Resume need to be separate, the app should detect which one applies and only show that function; having both is confusing. Like Netflix, if a show is in progress, consider using a “Play from beginning” option.
    5. You should consider adding controller navigation (I use this app on my TV).

    You should consider making your source open or something, then devs like me can go in and lend a hand, since this is a useful app when I need to watch something on my TV.

    Hope this helps.

    • Yes, a file structure would help. You can email them to or somehow put them in a comment here.

      1. I’m going to put that back in next. In my rush to get everything done, that got left out but it should be fairly easy to put in. Updates will be more frequent now that I have a backend that’s not held together with duct tape.

      2. Hmmm, putting play in the app bar might be ok. I think most people wouldn’t be able to find it (win 8 is so new still). I’ll consider doing it as a selectable option.

      3. If you know something that I don’t, please tell me, because I think this is the only way to initiate a PlayTo command. It’s a limitation from being a Store app. They are sandboxed and must create contracts in order to interact outside of itself. I don’t think there’s a better way, but I’m not sure.

      4. I agree with you… the resume and play buttons are confusing. They will get changed eventually.

      5. Controller navigation? What do you mean exactly? Using cursor keys to navigate to everything? Well, it’s part of the way there… ok, that’s on the To Do list.

      Thanks for all the feedback! This really helps. For now, I plan to keep it closed-source… but we’ll see. is actually going to completely change their API sometime in the next year, so I might have to rewrite the backend again… maybe then… 🙂

      The holy grail for me is figuring out how to incorporate MKV Media Foundation filters. That will be the next big milestone.

  2. Found the problem. It was an easy fix. Just not enough Regex expressions to cover every single type of file name the app may encounter. Also, the mystery file is the result of my app not excluding non-video files. It was likely a text file or something else with a season/episode name that the app could recognize.

    Got the episode selector working as well. So if your file is not recognized, you can pick the correct episode. This should only be useful for the “season 0” type stuff like web-episodes and behind the scenes episodes, because, in theory, the app should figure everything else out. I may include a DIY regex box in the settings so people can add their own if they have some unique file names that nobody else uses.

    Going to test-test-test tomorrow and submit if it all looks good.

  3. Christophe permalink

    I have problems with this new version :
    1) Why did you remove 1 or 2 rows option ? Was so good to use it.
    2) It doesn’t find all the files in my directories. I have Season 3 to 6 of The Big Band Theory and it currently displays only episodes of Season 3… I also have Season 1 and 2 of Homeland in the same directory and it only displays info in files 1 to 12 of Season 1….
    I have tried uninstalling / reinstaling the app but it doesn’t change.
    I didn’t have the pb with previous version.

  4. Sorry about that. I’m submitting an update right now that will put the 2-Rows option back in. Plus, it will work much better. (Need to work on the styling for small screens, but it works)

    Also, I’m hoping that some of the Regex additions I made will help solve the file problem. I have no idea why it didn’t work with the new version because the code for recognizing season and episode was the same. In any case, if it still doesn’t work in the next version (wait a couple days for certification), you can always send me some example filenames that it won’t read.

  5. Christophe permalink

    OK Thanks for the update. I have removed v 1.5 because it does really not work…
    I’ll check tomorrow if the new version is available.

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