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New version submitted to Store

November 23, 2012

I’m calling it version 1.5.  It’s a huge change from the previous version… not so much visually, but under the hood it’s pretty much all new.  I’ve been hearing from other developers that turnaround time for certification is a day or two now, no longer a week or more.  I’ll do another post when the status of the submission changes.

Thanks to all users who are giving me feedback!  I’m happy to incorporate your wishes into the app.  Here are the changes:

    • PlayTo functionality:  while playing video, select your PlayTo device under the device menu (swipe right!).  PlayTo will continue to work on subsequent videos until you “Disconnect” under devices or exit the app.
    • Drastically improved manual series selection

    • Fixed problem where brand new episodes were not being updated with information

    • Fixed issue where app would crash if a “root folder” declared in settings cannot be found (i.e. your local network is down or harddrive disconnected)

    • Fixed “snapped”-screen layout issues

    • Added additional regex expressions to match SickBeard file name formats

    • Sort Series list alphabetically automatically

    • Sort episode lists by season/episode number automatically (no longer sorted by file name)

    • Reduced stored settings file size for quicker loading

    • Removed 10 second back and forward buttons (temporarily?)

    • Removed “unsorted” folder (organize your library and you won’t need it!)

    • Removed “Two Rows” setting temporarily… needs to be optimized so it looks good on ALL screen resolutions, not just very large ones.

  • Completely rewrote backend to help avoid rookie programmer crashes 🙂


And here is my current To Do list (there’s always more though):

  • MKV support.
  • WTV support.
  • Add menu for custom selection of episodes
  • Custom Slider so position tooltip shows Minute:Second instead of milliseconds
  • Two Rows template for series screen
  • Selection of favorite images for posters and backgrounds instead of default ones
  • Volume bar?
  • Bug report/developer contact tool in the settings charm
  • Make series page share contract html a little nicer looking.  (If you haven’t tried it yet, try it 🙂
  • Make searching for episode titles a little more useful (like searching for series titles)
  • Make videopage share contract useful.
  • Put the play/pause badges back in.


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