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November 14, 2012

This is the series picker I’m working on.  Design is not quite ready, but the search bar will be on the bottom (per MS design guidelines… essentially your hands will be on the bottom on a tablet).  This is a gridview so you can scroll sideways through all the possibilities based on your folder’s name.  If you still don’t like the options, you can enter a search term yourself and it will repopulate the list shown.  Click on one of these banners and your folder will be updated with that series’ content (images/descriptions/etc).

PlayTo is in progress.  I can release a version that allows you to PlayTo one video at a time… meaning you’d have to disconnect manually, then reconnect manually each time.  But that would suck.  Also, it’s unstable and wouldn’t pass the certification tests.  But it’s coming.

I just learned about WTV files… need to get my hands on one to see if it actually plays in a MediaElement container.

Working on more as I get free time.  Semester is almost over so I’ll have WAY more time soon. (I teach chemistry at a community college.)



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  1. Kane permalink

    THis app is great. A few issues with with capturing the correct tv show data with common titles (e.g. Friends) but overall an excellent effort. Once PlayTo and data collection is sorted I will be the biggest advocate for this app.

    Suggested future release Simple Movie Livrary and Simple Music Library would make this app collection a must for anyone.

  2. Thanks! I’m going to get this app to a near-perfect state first, then try to tackle a movie version. A music version? Hmmm… perhaps.

  3. Christophe permalink

    Thanks for your app.
    One question : What is the play/pause button used for ? On my computer, it crashes the app… Can I choose which player is going to be used ? (I’d like it to start VLC rather than crashing).

    • I’m sorry that it’s crashing on your system. If you’re seeing the large play/pause icon, you’re on the video player screen where the video you selected should be playing. It should autoplay and hitting pause should pause it and turn the icon to a play icon.

      I’m completely rewriting the app now in order to fix all of the bugs. This was my first time trying a MVVM style app (programming terminology) and I know a lot better now. Give me a week or two and I’ll have a new version out that fixes (hopefully!) all of the bugs and adds some new features like PlayTo.

      As far as launching an external program, I’ll look into it. Metro apps are designed to be completely sandboxed so you’re not allowed to run external apps from a metro app. BUT, if the file type is automatically associated with VLC, meaning if you double-clicked it on the desktop it would open VLC, I think I could make it use the automated filetype launcher as one option. It’s going to be last on my list of things to do though…

  4. Christophe permalink

    Hi, Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
    Today, I have another message in the application telling me it’s not able to read any other format than AVI or MPEG and my files are MKV.
    Anyway, I thank you for your appli and will follow all updates you plan to do 🙂

    • That is normal. The built-in MediaElement that Microsoft provides for apps only support a limited number of container formats. MKV is not supported natively. However, if someone were to write a Windows Media Foundation filter for it, I could support MKV. As far as I know, no one has done this yet.

      I’ll try and see if I can use the external launcher for MKV files. It’s not ideal, but it might be better than nothing.

    • I noticed you’re from France… do you have many French tv shows in your library? I’ve been focusing on English-language shows but I may try to support other localities if necessary. supports multiple languages, too.

      • Christophe permalink

        Don’t worry, there’s no interesting French tv show that I can think of 🙂
        I’m mainly watching US TV shows + some UK tv shows (Doctor Who / Top Gear…)
        I know MKV is not natively supported and I still think it’s not normal in a modern OS.
        FYI, the application New File Manager v2 can open files using the default associated app. It means it’s possible, from the Modern UI app to open files on the desktop.
        Hope that can help you.

      • Christophe permalink

        One other note : my series are on a removable drive and I changed the drive letter lately… and the app does not start anymore. How can I reconfigure it now ?

  5. If the app won’t start, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling. All that you really need to do is find the app’s appdata folder and delete settings.dat in the Settings folder. The app folder is in Users//AppData/Local/Packages.

    I’ll try to make the app more robust to changes like that. (although that is what the video library is for!) 🙂

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