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After a hiatus, more features added

October 3, 2012

I had a very helpful meeting with a MS engineer about the app.  He suggested a lot of changes and additions and he was right.  I took a little break and worked on something a little different, but I’ve come back to this and added some features.

  1. Wide tile (or square) that shows a slideshow of series images on the start menu.
  2. When playing or pausing a video, a play or pause glyph will appear on the start tile to remind you that it’s paused.
  3. Semantic Zoom – you’ll be able to do a quick pinch and you’ll see all your titles in smaller form on the screen.
  4. Multiple sources – previously, I only let you select one source folder for all your video files.  Now you can select as many as you want.
  5. Share contracts – on the main screen, if you share, you can send an HTML file that contains a cover photo for every series you have in your library.  On the individual screens and video screens, it’s just a text message that says what you are watching.
  6. Search – now you can just type within the app and the search charm will suggest the show you’re trying to find.  Click on it to take you to the show screen.

Almost done!  Should be submitting soon…


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