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Season Filter implemented

September 5, 2012

I just finished implementing the season filter for series. I had a huge false start as I was trying to modify a combobox to do what I wanted… but ended up just making a simple button that opens a pop-up.

The styling needs a little work still. I also need to fix some messed up margins, but the filter works just fine.


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  1. How do I set up my folders so that it recognizes seasons?

    • It _should_ be doing it automatically, IF the filename has the season in the name. You can have any folder structure you want as long as they are all in one folder with the series name on it.

      If you have certain file name types that are unreadable, let me know and I’ll add them to the next version. In the meantime, there’s a button on the episode selection menu called “Change Record” that lets you pick the correct episode if the app got it wrong.

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