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Almost ready!

September 1, 2012

This blog is dedicated to the Windows 8/RT app called Simple TV Library.  Want to know what it does?  Why not take a look for yourself:

As the app is finished and published, updates will be made to this blog.  Comments are very welcome!!


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  1. Lee, I have a Web Forms Media RSS XML editor in development (seems like forever) also very near completion that is intended to be marketed for use with connected TV and digital signage. Do you see any synergy integrating Simple TV Library with my strategy to make it possible for anybody to broadcast their own TV channels? The ChannelBuilder is running at noting lots of problems with ItemBuilder caused by the hosting provider that won’t update ASP.NET.

    <%= Clinton Gallagher

    • Unfortunately, my app has nothing to do with acquiring actual content (TV shows). The user must have his own library of video files from another source (ripped from personal DVDs, recorded from TV digitally, nefarious sources, etc). All this does is display rich media content to go along with the TV show files. I don’t see any overlap with your stuff.

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