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Submitted update 2.1.0

I decided to increase the subversion number because there is a new feature.  I added the ability to play videos using an external video player.  You cannot define the external player within Simple TV Library.  You have to associate the extension with the video player you want to use to open it (basically, double-click the file from the desktop and whatever normally opens is the external app Simple TV Library will use).

This option is defaulted to off, but extensions that Simple TV Library does not support will automatically try to use an external app.  The common formats I know of so far are MKV and WTV.  If there are any others, let me know.

If you want to change the setting so that all videos are played with an external app, the option is located in the Settings charm under “Options”.  Easy.

There is also a minor bug fix.  On the internal video player page, I added code to prevent the screen from turning off.  This was an oversight on my part… now corrected.


Give it a couple days to go through submission, but it’s possible it will be ready to download by tomorrow.


Version 2.0.1 in store

Fixes a layout bug in the pick episode pop out.
Fixes a series page redraw when episodes are changed

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Version 2.0 in the store

Woah, that was fast. It took about 6 hours.

The sample graphics and description have NOT been updated on the store yet, but the app is there.

Release v2.0 has been submitted for certification

The title says it all.  Hopefully, my new “demo” mode will help it pass certification.  The last time I tried, they failed it because it didn’t do anything out of the box.  And that was even after I supplied a fake library to try it out with. 

Please, let me know if you find any serious bugs.  I’m talking bugs that prevent you from using it properly.  I think I have them all ironed out.  If it passes certification, it should be in the store in a couple of days.  (Maybe even tomorrow)

Very close! Here’s a video

Delays, delays, delays…

Well, I’m pretty close now.  I just need to wire up the filesystem/database changes to the rest of the views and fix the icons and I’m done.  Currently, the database updating/filesystem checking all works perfectly fine.  It currently just updates the main page so if you have visited any series pages, it won’t update those already opened without a restart.  Not a problem, like I said, I just need to add the logic in to add/remove visual icons for episodes/seasons inside the series views.

It works so smoothly now that I thought I would upload an actual video of it running on my slate.



*EDIT* Just some explanations for what you see in the video:
1. The main page shows your seasons below the series poster, so you can take a direct shortcut to that season.
2. Pinch to see everything small with first letter headings for quick indexing… kind of like the way the people app is organized.
3. The individual series view page shows all the seasons you have, but only the 3 latest videos for each season. Trying to show everything just slows everything down because virtualization is a little wonky when you’re doing grouping.
4. Click on the season picture (or header) and get all of your episodes for that season.
5. Swipe the app bar inside a series to get the Episode Guide. This shows EVERYTHING using the same organizational layout as what you currently have in your library. Again, drawing every single episode from every season together on the same screen makes it SLOW due to grouping and virtualization issues.

Let’s leave the rest until I finish.

Anyhow, going to Disney tomorrow with my wife and kids so the weekend is shot…BUT this coming week is spring break so I don’t have to teach.  Coding, coding, coding.

Significant lag with so many images

Gridviews are the main layout tool you see in windows 8. They are the blocks of data arranged in a grid…sometimes even grouped into sections.

There’s a major problem when you use this grouping effect: virtualization doesn’t work anymore. What this means is that if I’m trying to display 8 seasons of episodes, 20 episodes per season, all with screen captures… EVERYTHING must load before you can scroll. And this is not acceptable. There’s a long pause. 😦

I’ve been using grouping to separate by season. But no longer. I’ve figured out an interesting fix that will still use season groupings without doing the actual grouping that breaks virtualization. It even works with semantic zoom.

Anyways, another delay but one that will be worth it.

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Tracking down a bug

Nearly there. The delay is due to one bug I’m trying to track down that has something to do with the folder tracking system. I have some unexplained “file removal” notifications when there have been no file removals.

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